Stew talks with viral TikTok author, Megan McGlover, responsible for posting "Biden Ain't My Pimp" shortly after the dictatorial announcement of the communistic "vaccine mandate".

20-year nurse, respiratory therapist Angela Wallace, came forward blowing the whistle on the "vaccine" adverse events she's witnessing FIRST-HAND!

30-year nurse, Tracy Jaros, says massive corruption, fraud, deception and scandals are taking place behind closed doors, fueling the false narrative Americans are being fed about the COVID "pandemic".

Nancy Ross is the Power of Attorney for Veronica Wolski, who was best known for her work over the Kennedy Expressway on "The People's Bridge". She was killed at a Chicago hospital after being refused the requested treatment of herself, her doctor and her advocates. Ross joined Stew for an EXCLUSIVE.

Dr. Lee Vliet was doing everything she could to treat Veronica Wolski, and despite her efforts, the Chicago hospital killed her patient. Dr. Vliet spoke for the first time since Veronica's senseless killing in the name of medical tyranny.

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