Wednesday on the Stew Peters Show, we dissect another state constitution, this time Maryland, which has a provision to restore liberty to the people and overthrow tyranny!

Lucia Sinatra joins Stew to bring attention to students who are enduring persecution in states that have dropped mask and vaccine mandates. Stew gives his viewers a call-to-action to get in touch with your local legislative districts to ensure that this student oppression ends!

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Jason "Storm" Nelson, joins The Stew Peters Show to tell the horrific story that recently happened to his family. His wife has been barred from seeing her baby boy. Nelson needs our help to make sure his family's voices are heard!

Call Baylor Scott & White Medical Center NOW, and demand they free Tempest Nelson!
(254) 202-2000

And, Dr. Jane Ruby Joins The Stew Peters Show to answer more questions from viewers, regarding natural remedies that help COVID-19 symptoms and she also addresses the fact that blood banks are discriminating against the unvaccinated!

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