Probably nowhere in American life has become more obviously poisonous than our school system. Ethan Byrne was a student at Springfield High School near Philadelphia. While Ethan was out of school, in a group conversation, he discussed this with some friends and the debate got heated, and Ethan ended up using the n-word. That’s it. He used a bad word in an out-of-school debate. One of his "friends" screenshotted it and released it, he was endlessly bullied and death threats were made, and ultimately he took his own life. Alexandra Donato has been an advocate for Ethan Byrne’s family. She joins us.

Dr. Jane Ruby discusses her horrific finding that she found out through speaking with embalmers- white, rubbery blood-clots clogging up the veins of the jabbed.

Dr. Sherry O'Donnel, leader of the Rappha Medical Center, joins Stew Peters to a life saved through prayer and proper medical treatment. Dr. Sherry also goes into detail about her imminent congressional bid.

Just a short time ago we spoke with Michigan Congressional candidate and Covid doctor Sherry O’Donnell. Now, the patient she saved the life of, Kathy Jankoviak, joins us to discuss the extent of what she went through under the care of the murderous Fauci-gulag.

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