Stew Peters talks with a respiratory therapist who comes forward to expose the "COVID Cult", files a lawsuit and encourages a civil uprising in America.

Sheriff David Clarke joins Stew to discuss the "secrecy" involved with the shooting of Ashli Babbitt, calls out the Capitol Police higher-ups, and calls for full forensic audits.

Kandiss Taylor, GA gubernatorial candidate, exposes the GOP, says they won't even let her speak as they push the "Conservative, Inc." agenda to expand the deep state establishment

The "Mama Bears of Iowa" fought mandates in their school district, going so far as to prompt the governor in that state to sign an executive action banning mandates statewide. They say the board members are now "fearful" as they have received "anonymous flyers" at their home addresses from anti-mandate senders.

A massive amount of workers are leaving their jobs. DeAnna Lorraine is here to tell us why. 

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