Donald Trump and the GOP have become the biggest shills for big pharma the world has yet seen, and the same crew is now turning its back on the America First agenda, propping up weak RINO candidates with lousy endorsements.

Zach Vorhies is a former Google employee, and author of "Google Leaks". Vorhies appeared on "The Stew Peters Show" to reveal a tactic called "Machine Learning Fairness"

Gina Doane lost her father to the Moderna injection being falsely referred to as a FDA-approved COVID "vaccine", and now the hospital is LYING, altering the cause of death.

DEEP DIVE: Dr. Jane Ruby expanded on the deep ties the so-called FDA "Committee" has to Pfizer. They're ALL PAID HANSOMELY by the big pharma giant! The FDA and Pfizer are both China-controlled.

Scott Taylor has NOT been injected with the injections being falsely referred to as "vaccines", but his family has been. Since they were inoculated, Scott has become completely MAGNETIZED.

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