EXCLUSIVE BOMBSHELL! Stew Peters talks with former Pfizer employee and biotech analyst, Karen Kingston. Kingston reveals what the FDA approval really means, and why it's "game over" for the vaccine manufacturer, and for the inoculation.

There is a global RISING UP occurring, and citizens are resisting, demonstrating unified non-compliance, in Australia, the UK and here in the United States. National File Senior Reporter Patrick Howley joins Stew to discuss.

It's a RACE TO THE FINISH! Globalist tyrants are ramping up in the push for inoculations, reducing the age to 5, masking, mandates, lockdowns and more Orwellian tactics because they know they're CAUGHT! DeAnna Lorraine is a best-selling author, and she joins Stew Peters today.

Financial Expert, fiduciary, Carlos Cortez joins Stew to predict a big-time market "rug-pull", insisting that the market is another false flag meant for deception.


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