Stew Peters opens the show with a dynamic and powerful monologue, completely eviscerating the narratives of the left, and calling out Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, before being joined by National File Senior Reporter, Patrick Howley, who reveals laws being CREATED by the feds to target and hunt down Americans, ship them to internment camps and imprison law-abiding citizens.

AJ Roberts, former British Military with deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq, joins Stew to compare the war on KIDS in the UK versus the push for the jab here in America. Roberts is the host of the AJ Roberts Show, which can be found at

DeAnna Lorraine blows holes in the "COVID food shortage" narrative, and exposes how Biden is PAYING FARMERS TO BURN THEIR OWN CROPS! 

Roman Garcia, a former FBI Agent assigned to the Behavioral Analysis Unit, says "we're at war", and tells you how to mentally prepare yourself for battle.

Dr. Jane Ruby joins Stew to discuss controversy on whether or not the Pfizer 'vaccine' is ACTUALLY approved by the FDA. 


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