Dr. Paul E. Alexander is the former Senior HHS Trump COVID Advisor, and answered the most difficult and pointed questions on today's show. Dr. Alexander addressed the deception of President Trump, led by the Pence "Coronavirus Task Force", revealed that there is NO "Pandemic", and addressed Trump and the 'vaccine' rhetoric.

Chris Sky, outspoken Canadian Patriot, freedom fighter and author of the book "Just Say No" joins Stew today to reveal why he was arrested TWICE in 48 hours.

Dr. Jane Ruby exposes the weaponized police in Florida, the state that the media tells you is "wide open", but is being cracked down on by gestapo, arresting parents at school board meetings that are standing up for the medical freedom of their children.

A communist school board member voted to force kids to wear ineffective medical devices on their face, participating in abusive torture, and the VERY NEXT DAY was caught UNMASKED at a concert with 10,000 people in attendance. National File reporter, Andrew White, joins Stew to reveal who the tyrant is and where she's from.

DeAnna Lorraine has discovered a study revealing that kids born during the "pandemic" have a much lower IQ and suffer from cognitive development delay. DeAnna says this could be propaganda and explains why.

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