CAUGHT ON TAPE: Dr. Stephen V. Sobel, MD was recorded by an unvaxxed patient after he began attacking her for exercising her God-given, inherent Constitutional freedom to make her own personal choices about her "vaccine" status.

 Former Pfizer Employee and BioTech Analyst, Karen Kingston, joined Stew Peters to discuss the unlawful, unconstitutional, overreaching tyrannical mandates being pushed on kids as young as kindergarten.

Constitutional Attorney, Jeff Childers, joined Stew Peters to reveal how he defeated a communist city council that tried to mandate 250 city workers to be inoculated. That city council didn't see Childers coming, and as a result of his efforts, there will be no unconstitutional nonsense going on in this city!

WHISTLEBLOWER: National Republican Senatorial Committee INTENTIONALLY BURIED blatant evidence of massive election fraud, and the RNC-paid employee came forward, today, on "The Stew Peters Show" with his claims. He NAMED NAMES!

Carlos Cortez, financial expert and independent fiduciary ( joined Stew Peters, urging everyone to begin their Christmas shopping NOW!

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