Here’s hoping that 2021 marks the high tide for the Joe Biden coronavirus tyranny, and that the tide turns next year. It won’t be easy, though. You know the wannabe dictators of this country will do anything in their power to keep Covid panic going as long as possible, and they’ll do anything they can to avoid admitting that their various “fixes” have failed, or were never intended to work in the first place. Way back last summer, Dr. Judy Mikovits came on this show to discuss viral shedding from vaccinated patients.

Nearly two years into this “pandemic,” there’s one question that remains crucial and is still unanswered: Was this pandemic really an “accident,” or was it planned by someone, somewhere, for some specific purpose. British funeral Director John O’Looney believes he knows the answer to that question. He believes he saw the planning for the pandemic well underway even before Covid-19 even emerged. He also has a fascinating theory about the real intent of the Covid-19 vaccines.

Earlier this week, we replayed our confrontation with racist, anti-white, fake MAGA scammer politician Vernon Jones, who is trying to con Georgia Republicans into electing him governor rather than a real conservative. We also replayed our interview with the DeKalb County prosecutor, who told about how Vernon used his political power and outright intimidation to escape consequences for sexually assaulting a woman. But we still aren’t finished. At the end of November, we exposed how Homewrecker Vernon Jones blew up a marriage…by sleeping with the husband.

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