LIVE: The Stew Peters Show (December 17, 2021)

The past year has really shown the power of a handful of Soros-run prosecutors to radically remake all of America. One man who faced down the political persecution while fighting for election integrity is Joshua Macias, he joins Stew today to discuss the hell he has been put through by Philly DA Larry Krasner.

For more than a decade, Nevada has consistently been in the blue column, but only barely, and that could change next year with the Hispanic vote trending red. Joey Gilbert is the front runner in the Republican primary for Governor in Nevada. He says his key issues are election integrity, Nevada schools, funding police, and criminal justice reform. Joey Gilbert joins us.

A group of South Korean doctors have banded together and now call themselves the "Korea Veritas Doctors for Covid 19." They have secured partial vials of the Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines, and upon close observation they claim to have observed "moving organism." Dr. Jane Ruby joins The Stew Peters Show to discuss.

Pastor Mike of Canada joins the Stew Peters Show to share the miracles happening in Canada and to offer encouragement to those who have lost everything due to vaxx mandates and lockdowns. Pastor Mike also issues a challenge to Stew's viewers in this exclusive segment with a Jesus-loving champion spreading the Gospel in Canada.

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