The Stew Peters Show (September 27, 2021) 

Stew Peters talks with a Minnesota RN who says she's watching her hospital "commit murder", and she cannot go another day without telling the world what's REALLY happening with the "pandemic" the media keeps telling us about, the vaccine injuries and deaths, who's REALLY in the hospital and how patients are being denied treatment.

Dr. Jane Ruby gives us a FIRST TIME LOOK at autopsy results from people who have died shortly after being jabbed with the shots being called "vaccines" - And, it's HORRIFIC!

Ali Shultz is a lawyer and medical patient advocate who has been fighting COVID and "vaccine" medical tyranny since last March. Now, she's witnessed it FIRST-HAND, as both her father-in-law and mother-in-law were recently hospitalized. Ali reports that she witnessed intentional attempted-murder at the hospital, and in one case, it was successful.

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