Monday's Stew Peters Show will blow your mind and open your eyes to the true dark agenda behind American politics!

Stew Peters has dedicated his LIFE to expose the government for what they are: Liars, Lizards, & Lord Deniers!

Stew reflects on how the Deep-State elite will stop at NOTHING to end Christianity, so that the American people will worship them instead of Jesus Christ!

Dr. Jane Ruby is on to talk about the autoimmune hepatitis strain that has wrecked the public worldwide, and what the purpose of this new outbreak could mean!

Councilman David Oh discusses his experiences with CPS and how they tried to take his child for a sports injury!

Investigative journalist Edward Szall talks about the nazi-cannibal connection between the Buffalo shooter and Ukraine's CIA-backed Azov battalion

.Julie Frye Miller is working in South Dakota to keep school districts free from transgender propaganda! Miller speaks out about how Kristi Noem, is planning on wiping America First Christians from office!

This is an episode that you DON'T want to miss!

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