The Stew Peters Show is always PACKED with TRUTH and crucial information, and today is NO EXCEPTION!

Stew has a candid 1-on-1 with Arizona State Senator Sonny Borrelli, who describes the truth about the forensic audit that the 'media' continues to cover up. Borrelli and those that are fighting for election integrity have been attacked from every angle, and Borrelli describes our current times as "civil war".

The Trump MAGA Movement has been infiltrated at the highest levels, including at the highest levels of CPAC, as the president continues to get stabbed in the back by those posing as Conservatives, but doing the bidding of the communists. National File Senior Reporter Patrick Howley joins Stew to reveal the most recent exposure.

Twitter bans could lead to DEATH for Americans trapped in Afghanistan. America's most banned woman, Laura Loomer, joins Stew to discuss the details of the horror.

Lewis Arthur is the founder of Veterans on Patrol, and Stew checks in LIVE from the Mexico/U.S. border as Arthur describes the completely open border, allowing child rape and trafficking to continue, while the Biden regime and 'media' tell you it's all "under control"

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