How many times have we seen this exact pattern play out for us? There’s some new face in the House or Senate, they start getting tons of appearances on Fox News, and Conservative Inc. pretty much orders us to treat them as a new party leader. Usually, these people are veterans; there’s nothing wrong with being a veteran, of course. But being a veteran doesn’t magically make a person correct.
Milam Langella joins us to discuss.

Today rumors broke out on Telegram that someone sprayed Anthrax inside last week's Christian ReAwaken America event in Dallas, Texas. Stew Peters show investigative journalist Edward Szall interviews Clay and Vanessa Clarke and Professor David Clements to find the truth about this rumor. Edward joins us.

One week after Jennifer Cobb announced she would be pursuing a case against her gymnastics coach for childhood grooming, she was found dead by hanging. The death was classed as a “suicide,” though Jennifer’s family are not convinced that’s the real story. Now, in Jennifer’s memory, her family is campaigning to change American laws so that future girls do not have their innocence and their lives stolen in the same way. First, they want changes to statute of limitation laws so that other victims can come forward and be heard. Jennifer’s abuser has other victims, currently in their twenties and thirties, but they can’t pursue their allegations because too much time has passed.
Jennifer's mother, Susan Cobb joins us to discuss.

The Biden Junta is back at it again, this time with a warning to the unvaccinated to scare us out of the Christmas spirit and lull the population back into vaccine complacency.
Deanna Lorraine joins us to discuss.

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