Dr. Paul E. Alexander was Trump Administration HHS Expert, World Health Organization and Pan American Health Organization peer-reviewed publisher of early treatment COVID treatment and joins Stew to discuss the push for the jab, including Trump's position that everyone "should get the vaccine".

Cyrus A. Parsa is the founder of The AI Organization, and joins Stew to discuss the imminent threat to national security caused by the military's 'vaccine' mandate.

BREAKING! The FBI has announced that Trump, along with Patriots and influencers at the January 6 rally have been VINDICATED! DeAnna Lorraine joins Stew to reveal the findings and discuss the motive behind the timely release of the DOJ statement.

Rapid inflation of the cost of goods is sure to hit your pocketbook as market manipulation is at an all-time high. Carlos Cortez is our in-house financial expert, and he'll join Stew to discuss possible solutions.

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