MILITARY PURGE: Sergeant Brittany Puckett took leave just to appear on "The Stew Peters Show". She feels exposing the illegal mandates imposed on servicemembers is that important. Sgt Puckett joins Stew.

VDare has been one of the left’s most-hated targets ever since Peter Brimelow launched the website back in 1999. For 22 years, it has remained alive against shrieking, flailing efforts to silence its message. For its entire existence, VDare has been smeared as “white nationalist” for pushing to cut the unrelenting flow of immigrants into the United States. This is a lie. VDare is based on three principles, three ideas that virtually everyone in America believed for the vast majority of the country’s history. Peter Brimlowe joins us to discuss.

This past weekend brought another bombshell in the January 6 case. Revolver News, which previously highlighted the role of Ray Epps on January 6, highlighted several additional people who played central roles in the U.S. Capitol break-in, but who remain suspiciously uninvestigated and unindicted nearly a year later, while other people are being thrown in solitary confinement for simply walking into the building. one person who deserves a lot of credit for this scoop is the America-First streamer Tim Gionet [Jee-oh-nay], better known by his nickname “Baked Alaska.”. Baked joins us to discuss.

Lauren Witzke is the executive producer on "The Stew Peters Show", and she joins Stew to discuss the REAL meaning of Christmas.

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