Stew Peters is relentlessly seeking the TRUTH, and can always be found at

Stew Peters talks with medical expert, Dr. Jane Ruby, as well as financial expert Carlos Cortez, Jr., and DeAnna Lorraine on today's 'Patriotically Co...View Details

Stew Peters is 'Patriotically Correct' Today's Guest: Steve Pomper, former Seattle police officer and author "The Obama Gang" www.AmericaFirstPodcast....View Details

FULL SHOW! Stew Peters Truthing All Over The Globe! 'Patriotically Correct' April 19, 2021

EMERGENCY INFO RELEASE!  Horrific Vaccine Truth Exposed! - BLM 'Poster Child' Arrested For Sex With Minors - Single Pregnant Mom Raided by FBI | www.A...View Details

The PACKED 'Patriotically Correct' brings the REAL perspective around today's headlines

Today's Guests: Luis Ewing, Dr. Jane Ruby, DeAnna Lorraine, Carlos Cortez |

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