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Last week, the doctors at Mercy called Anne and tried to browbeat her into letting Scott be taken off a ventilator to die. hey were going to unplug Sc...View Details

Earlier this week, Chairman Biden gave a speech endorsing the abolition of the filibuster in the name of “voting rights.” In other words, he wants De...View Details

The Stew Peters Show (January 13, 2022) UPDATE: Thanks to your efforts with blowing up Mercy Hospital's phone lines, we have established enough pressu...View Details

On Monday, James O’Keefe’s outfit released their latest investigative report. They unearthed a document from a DARPA fellow who claims that to know, w...View Details

We know soldiers don’t need this vaccine for their health. Members of the military are almost all in their twenties or early 30s. They are all in abso...View Details

The Stew Peters Show (January 10, 2022) Under the latest state health order in California, just to visit a nursing home, a guest must be fully vaccina...View Details

Dr. Jane Ruby discusses the data about the tainted Covid vaccines which are STILL in circulation throughout the country, putting exponentially more li...View Details

So maybe Gettr isn’t the free speech savior we were looking for. But there are other options. For starters, Gab. Gab has built up an entirely independ...View Details

Cody Flint is 34 years old. Until recently he worked as an agricultural pilot. He has fifteen years of flying experience. Like so many other people, C...View Details

Dr. Malone is the man who started our great vaccine war. Three decades ago his work was critical to the creation of modern mRNA vaccines. Today, he’s ...View Details

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