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LIVE From Israel: David Schomburg exposes tyrannical "leader" for FAKE injection CAUGHT ON TAPE! Meanwhile, an entire military base was awakened at 2 ...View Details

Couy Griffin is out of custody, finally, and was imprisoned by the corrupt communist regime after PRAYING on the steps of the Capitol on January 6. EX...View Details

CALLING THEM OUT! Joe Kent is a REAL Patriot with a stake in the game, and he's running for Congress to defeat a communist Trump Impeachment supporter...View Details

A Washington State mom spoke to Stew Peters with a heartbreaking story of permanent damage done to children at the hands of power-abusing communists i...View Details

Bobby Piton is vowing to reinstate all servicemembers that were (or will be) booted from the military for refusing to take the dangerous and deadly ja...View Details

The Stew Peters Show (October 8, 2021) ara McNeally is the mother of two special needs children. Tara attended a school board meeting, where she didn'...View Details

1.  Vernon Jones ran off during a LIVE Interview taping with "The Stew Peters Show". Peters confronted Jones about a variety of different issues the m...View Details

Military Personnel are being forced to take experimental shots, and some are combatting the known side effects by detoxing.  This soldier's wife recor...View Details

South Carolina Senator, Lindsey Graham, is a communist whore for big pharma and the military industrial complex. Lauren Witzke joins Stew with the rec...View Details

Attorney Thomas Renz joined Stew Peters to reveal the highly censored DoD documents proving that the "vaccine" is more dangerous than it is helpful, a...View Details

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