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Another AMAZING and TRUTH-FILLED show! 'Patriotically Correct'

The content never stops at 'Patriotically Correct' Radio!

Stew Peters is 'Patriotically Correct' - Guests: Mike Carnevale, Monica Matthews, Patrick Howley, Carlos Cortez

Guests: Ali Shultz, Patrick Howley, Cindy Bauer and Jason Fyk

Guests: Patrick Howley, Paul Harrell, Brian Festa, Monica Matthews and Mike Filip

Another PACKED 'Patriotically Correct' show with Stew Peters

Stew will talk with the man that was one of the first to go through the hard drive of Hunter Biden's highly questionable 'Laptop from Hell'. Stew will...View Details

Stew Peters goes after Dan Bongino after misleading headline suggests the angry podcaster will take over for Rush Limbaugh.

Guests: Monica Matthews, Dale Huls, Joe Penaz, Patrick Howley

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