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Don't miss today's great show with Andy Ngo, as well as "Joe the Cop" and multiple experts in the world of finance to help break down what's going on ...View Details

Don't miss today's great show!

Stew Peters and Richard Leoanrd - 'Patriotically Correct Radio'

Stew Peters and Richard Leonard highlight the new tax plan, the assault on your second amendment and the truth behind the carbon tax. Project Veritas ...View Details

Stew Peters with a Lin Wood Q&A session, followed by incredible insight by Monica Matthews.

'Patriotically Correct' radio exposes truth from a real perspective as we dive into today's key issues.

Stew Peters and Richard Leonard talk with national talk show host Monica Matthews, the founder of Wokeplace, Stephanie Kaplan and US Air Force Veteran...View Details

Stew Peters talks with inventor, author and founder of 'My Pillow'

Lin Wood joins Stew Peters to discuss the 20th, and what we may expect for the Biden inauguration. Brandon Tatum joins for discussion. 

What's REALLY killing COVID patients? Craig "Sawman" Sawyer is a Marine, former US Navy SEAL, Federal Air Marshal and the founder of vets4childrescue....View Details

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